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Installing car mods ?

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Iv been browsing around the forum and have seen some exelent community modifications for car. I was wondering how i would go about inistalling these mods? what folders and such these files need to be placed in?

Im not going to be doing any creating just downloading from the community mod section, there is alot of excellent work in their and id like to use alot of them! please if anyone has any knowledge about installing these car modifications let me know! thank you.

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you need SparkIV to install car mods. Extract all the sparkiv files to a folder some where, like the desktop or just shove them all in your GTA file.

WARNING: BACK UP YOUR CAR FILE!!! gtaiv install location C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpcmodelscdimages (normally!) BACK UP VEHICLES.IMG

Step 1) Download a car, extract it's two files, .wtd and .wtf, place where ever

Step 2) open sparkiv, hit browse, this will lock up the program for a moment

Step 3) scroll down the left side to PC...scroll father down to models

Step 4) click CDIMAGES

Step 5) Select Vehicles.img on the right

Step 6) hit EDIT at the top

Step 7) hit IMPORT

Step 8) Import both your new car files (hold ctrl and click both)

Step 9) ensure they imported, locate the car on the list, should be blue now

Step 10) hit save

Step 11) ????

Step 12) PROFIT!

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