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Carvariations Request

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Hey everybody,

I am not very good at combining carvariations to make multiple cars work in different slots and what-not. I was wondering if some intelligent person could edit a carvariations (or however many it may take) to make the cars below work in the slots also listed below. If you were able to do this I would be very greatful! I have tried doing it multiple times but the game just crashes and when I replace the carvariations back to the default it doesn't so I know that I am doing something wrong.

The cars I am trying to use - 

2011 Marked CVPI by BxBugs123 in police and sheriff slots

2011 Slicktop CVPI by BxBugs123 in police2 and police4 slots

2014 Marked Impala by BxBugs123 in police3 and sheriff2

2014 Slicktop Impala by BxBugs123 in fbi

If someone did this for me like I said I would be VERY happy!



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I have included a carvariations.meta that is to be replaced in mpluxe2. Now I haven't tested it out because my game is fully modded. Besides carvariations.meta, it might also be vehicle.meta that is causing you to crash, so you might wanna check it out too. Tell me if this one works!


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