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Dalton Black

Lost With Installing Vehicle Mods and a Specific Example

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I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere or this isn't the correct place to post, I've watched probably close to ten videos and have a specific case of needing assistance.

Slightly-Related Information
I have a background in IT and so I'm embarassed to say that modding GTA IV or GTA V are two things that's always intimidated me, for whatever reason. Skyrim is about the only game I've had trouble with because of all of the overwriting and room for error. I have no problem modding other games, from ARMA 3 to Fallout 4. I even remember, somewhat, installing mods on GTA III when I was younger. I've never used OpenIV up until today, though I have used LSPDFR and other 'script' mods with and without the mod manager.

What I Did:
This morning, I tried adding cars to GTA:V for the first time. To my relief, it didn't make my PC explode. The first mod I installed was an oiv installer, which I didn't see in-game (I now know this was because I replaced the Buffalo and not the vanilla CVPI, I believe) but I did see the lighting effects on the vanilla CVPI and other vehicles which I'm not sure I liked or not but I digress because I uninstalled the mod as to avoid OIV's in the future and any conflicts that may arise. I successfully manually installed two mods, one being F5544's 2012 Ford Police Interceptor which I even took the extra step to install the 'extra' clear lightbar. I was rather pleased with myself and moved on to replace the vanilla CVPI because it looks rather wonky to have one vehicle modded and no others, let alone one police vehicle that's not even the most common police vehicle. 

Obviously, I moved on to Bxbugs123's 2011 Crown Victoria LASD/LSSD.
 I couldn't quite get the extraction of the files from the provided oiv to work, so I thought 'what the hell' and installed it via the provided oiv installer. Knowing I'd need at least an LSPD version, I just happened to come across "4K LSPD/SAHP/LSSD/Blaine County/Paleto Bay/Park Ranger/Port of Los Santos/*NEW* LS Airport Police CVPI(Bxbugs123 model)" 7.0 by Krame86 and downloaded them with confidence but came across several issues before finally coming to the final issues:

After making a copy of four of Bxbugs123's files, I placed them in  "\Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday4ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\" where I thought the files were needed and renamed all four of the "police4" files at my disposal to just be "police" as I figured this would replace the vanilla CVPI. I then replaced 6/8 of the textures in the YTD, the last two being Park Ranger liveries that I thought were unnecessary, and loaded back up GTA:V. I haven't installed a trainer or even LSPDFR as to not get ahead of myself and actually tackle this dream of mine so I rushed over to the nearest station and saw a couple of 'slick-top' LSPD Crown Victorias using Bxbugs123's model and Krame86's amazing textures for the model. At first I thought they looked amazing but I immediately realized that it was unlikely I got two 'slick-top' CVPI's to spawn that I didn't know were a part of what I downloaded. Well, as you can imagine, the cars were just missing their lightbars and the lighting was all sorts of misplaced around the vehicle, with the lights of the light bar being in the interior of the vehicle.

So, a tl;dr and a few questions if you can bother to do more than just help me get this working:
I installed Bxbugs123's Crown Victoria via his provided oiv, I then copied Bxbugs123's files to " \Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday4ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\" and renamed them all from 'police4' to 'police' before replacing the textures and deleting unnecessary ones. I then had no light bar and misplaced lights.
1) What did I do wrong?
2) How would I go about installing each of these liveries individually - or is that not possible? I wondered where all of the vehicles are located and how they'd all go to one police model and know which area's CVPI's to apply to so I only tried the LAPD textures.
3) What does 'OSS' stand for? (When I installed Bxbugs123's Crown Victoria, I used the OSS version. I didn't think it stood for open source but I could be wrong...I believed it to have extra features and blindly took it.)
4) Do you have any tips for me or anything to add that may give me a 'ah, I get it now' type of understanding to all of this? I'm under the impression, based on the number of people that do this (even streamers/YouTubers that don't seem to have the most technical know-how), that I'm way overthinking this or overlooking something extremely simple.

Files in question:



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OSS basically refers to LASD's gang unit I believe, and that is a slick top. So if you downloaded that, it should go to the police4 slot and that only. Download the other version and put it in as police. You might have go into carvariations.meta and change the sirensettings though, but just try it out first.


also if you want to individually install liveries, go into say, police.ytd and browse through until you find something like cvpi_sign_ or something similar and then just hit the replace button.

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I've briefly skimmed through this so forgive me if I repeat anything.

The default cruiser can be located in x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

The sheriff cruiser and SUV can be located in update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

I believe you've found police3 (the interceptor), but if not, its the same path as above but instead of patchday3ng, its in patchday4ng

For the misplaced lights, I believe you need to edit the vehicles line in the vehicles.meta (or carvariations)

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Thank you guys so much for the replies, it's gonna help a lot with getting used to this and hopefully not messing things up too much.

Fortunately, a kind community member was able to help me tons in the comments of the texture mod I linked. I actually came here to delete the post because I didn't think it had any replies and wasn't really necessary anymore. Still, it's always good to have more information handy!

Once again, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to try and help me with my 'newbie' problems :)

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On 1/30/2016 at 7:22 PM, Mitchell said:

You might have go into carvariations.meta and change the sirensettings though,

where is the carvariations.meta that has the police cars? I have exactly the same issue with the lights being misplaced and after an hour+ of searching I can only find carvariations.meta for the dlc cars :( 


On 1/30/2016 at 8:42 PM, Harper said:

I believe you need to edit the vehicles line in the vehicles.meta (or carvariations)

Can you confirm if its in vehicles.meta? I couldn't find it

and cant find a carvariations meta with the police cars at all (I've only managed to find the ones for the dlc cars)

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