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Officers Don't Move (Ver 0.3)

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I updated to 0.3, and for some reason, every time I request backup (Code 2, Code 3, or Pursuit), no officers respond to my location. I hear their sirens, and when I handle the situation and move on, I'll drive down the block and see the backup officers stopped in their cars, lights and sirens activated, in the middle of the road. EMS and Helicopters are the only forms of backup that work. Even when passing a "stuck" patrol car while on foot pursuit, the officers don't try to engage the suspect.

I already tried removing the few callout add-ons I have, as well as the spotlight mod, which are the only mods I'm running in addition to LSPDFR. Removal of these had no effect on the behavior of the backup units.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen? If so, how do I fix it? It really takes away from the game that I can end up in a shoot-out, and my backup will be stuck a half mile away for seemingly no reason.


Thanks for any help!

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