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Weapons Manager

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So I'm learning how to create plugins/scripts for GTA 5. I'm not sure how long it will take for me to learn and complete my idea project, but I've got quite a bit of experience with other programming. Anyways, I had question regarding my first project idea.

I'm planning on creating a Weapons Manager, much like the character selection, where you can change looks etc in LSPDFR, but for weapons.

Should I allow users be able to equip any weapon in the game with attachments when on duty?


Should I only allow users to pick weapons which Police (probably US police) commonly use that are already in the game?

I know this may seem pointless with loadouts already being given, but my ideas is to allow more choice for your patrol. Certain roles (like SWAT) may want a different loadout to a regular Officer. I plan to implement customisation such as attachments to.


Tell me what you think of the idea and answer my question :)


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Hey, let me start by saying this is a great idea.

I think the player should be able to choose their gear freely. I've been itching to hit the streets with a suppressed pistol for some time now. It's not realistic, and it's not a pretty sight, but it can be fun to go out of line every now and then. That's what GTA's about, right?

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