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Adam Fenton

looking for lspd and lssd car pack

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I am looking for a lspd and lssd car pack that replaces all (or most) of the police vehicle slots (excluding snow cars) with real life vehicles any ideas thanks

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I would recommend this pack, I love it and have been filling in some of the cars that t0p4s was not able to do in his initial release either so if the model your looking for isnt in this pack check my page.



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Well, I've made a complete police fleet for myself with my own textures, I wouldn't mind packaging them up for you or anyone else who wants them. I was considering releasing the entire texture set but I haven't actually released a mod here on the site before and didn't know if anyone would even want these LOL. I can't take credit for any part of the models though, but I have modified the lights on almost all of them to suit my personal preference.

Here's the fleet list:

police - LSPD Ford Taurus

police2 - LSPD Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer)

police3 - Highway Patrol Ford Taurus

police4 - LSPD Tahoe

policeb - Hakuchou Police Bike

fbi - Unmarked Chevy Impala

fbi2 - LSPD K9 Tahoe

sheriff - LSSD Ford Taurus

sheriff2 - LSSD Tahoe

I've added a few photos to show the various textures too. I can package up the models and stuff, but you'll have to do some legwork to modify the vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta files to match the models, unless you have no other mods installed. Otherwise it could royally screw up your game if you replace your files with mine and you have other things installed.










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