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  1. PoliceWomen


    Nice Car
  2. PoliceWomen


    LPCallouts works fine thx for the new version
  3. PoliceWomen


    New CVPI on Duty GTA5 2016-03-21 15-09-49-64.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-09-53-40.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-10-06-23.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-10-29-95.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-10-33-36.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-10-51-36.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-10-54-09.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-11-28-99.bmp GTA5 2016-03-21 15-11-44-01.bmp
  4. PoliceWomen

    Els Police Motor Bike Lights

    Els Sheriff Cruiser By JJHawkins New Lights Flashing
  5. PoliceWomen

    ELS | 1998 Ford Crown Victoria | Whelen Edge Lightbar

    Police Computer ? Inside or other equipt ?
  6. PoliceWomen

    JJhawkins CVpi

    Thx JJ its Nice Cvpi and Lights its Good
  7. PoliceWomen

    LSPDFR Computer+

    ok can not show picture says no ped image no vehicle image ?
  8. PoliceWomen

    LSPDFR Computer+

    I must enter everything manually there or make the query automatical
  9. PoliceWomen

    LSPDFR Computer+

    If I use the mod in the game I find if I do not press the new things in the computer have the new version but the things from the old so no possibility to see the person on the screen with all data as shown above please help thank you Do I have to manually enter everything name and car number? Traffic Policer, you must have at least v6.9.8.1 installed my version its 613.3.0 ????? Look this Do I have to manually enter everything name and car number?
  10. PoliceWomen

    New Els Light Show

    Fraps sorry
  11. PoliceWomen

    Insufficient permissions or bad anti-virus.

    auf weiter zulassen fertig !!