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Realism Dispatch Enhanced Juggernaut Backup.xml

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Hi all, 

Was just curious as to how I can add the 'Realism Dispatch Enhanced' Juggernaut ped (ig_dozer) into my LSPDFR 'Backup.xml'

I have already got quite far with it and have them spawning correctly, only issue is that they're not spawning with the huge bullet proof jacket. Here is what I have so far:

<Ped prop_head="5" comp_beard="1" comp_shirt="1" comp_pants="1" comp_shoes="1" accs="1" comp_decals="1" chance="5">ig_dozer</Ped>

I believe it has something to do with 'accs', but I cannot be sure. The huge bullet proof jacket is under 'accessories 2' in a native trainer, and I'm assuming the 'accs' attribute refers to 'accessories 1' in a native trainer. Are there any other attributes regarding accessories I should be aware of? I was initially under the impression that the correct tag was "comp_accessories"; but I have seen others use "accs".

Strangely though when I call for NOOSE backup and a juggernaut arrives, if I unload LSPDFR and load it again, sometimes the huge bullet proof jackets randomly appear on the juggernaut peds. So maybe it has an issues spawning the huge bullet proof jacket inside a vehicle?

It may be completely unfixable using current methods, but would be nice to add some variety to the NOOSE backup!

Sorry to tag you in here @Yard1, but I know how good you are with this sort of thing; especially considering you assisted with RDE. Do you have any idea at all?

Thank you all in advance!

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I think it has to be fixed by LSPDFR devs - they simply have to add the option for accs2. When no component is set in backup, it's randomly selected - that's why you've sometimes had the armor on and sometimes not.

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18 minutes ago, JHubbard92 said:

Thanks so much for getting back to me @Yard1, had a bad feeling that might be the reason.  Such a pain but never mind!

Sam told me that more backup customization may come in the future versions, so it might be possible :)

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