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The Loot

Officers stuck, not pursuing, not despawning.

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Seen it many times during pursuits that there can be many officers, mainly on foot, that get left behind, either because they didn't have a vehicle or didn't return to theirs, or got their car stuck. These officers usually stick in place, aiming or looking in the direction of the suspect (me, in this screenshot), shouting intimidation lines but not moving an inch, even if their vehicle is right next to them. Really noticeable if you have officers around from a previous callout. 

  • The several on the far right are from way earlier when I abandoned a car and ran on foot for a short bit.
  • The ones around the station are ambient ones that joined when I passed by.
  • Not sure about the strip club officers.
  • The ones around the FIB building were ambient officers, though there is one vehicle that got stuck there that was chasing me.
  • The huge group on the left is when I ran through the construction site there on foot, hopped a wall over to the freeway, and stole the last car.

Not sure if anything in particular is causing it, but I suppose a force despawn of peds and vehicles that are too far away would be a good solution in general.


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43 minutes ago, TheDirtLife24 said:

Removed the trainer I use, issues still occurring.

I think foot officers are bugged somehow, though vehicles get stuck sometimes just because of bad driving (I did have a "stuck" one fall from the sky when I went back to where it was after a while). Sometimes it seems that vehicles simply disappear from underneath officers and leave them standing in the road for no reason. A despawning system would fix it somewhat, and is sorely needed anyways just for stability's sake.

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