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After trying to download some cars from the site today for GTA V, I came up with an idea to refine the mods section of the site that I think would help a lot. Right now, you can filter files by GTA V (game) > LSPDFR (page to download LSPDFR) / Vehicle modding > Vehicle models/textures.

What if we expanded this so that from vehicle models, we could sort by types of vehicles (Crown Victorias, Chargers, Taurus, etc.) Right now you either look through the list of models or search for what you want, which often lists results for GTA IV mods. With textures, you could refine the listings by municipality (Los Santos, Country police, State police, etc.) For audio mods, instead of just a tab for audio mods, we could have a tab where you can refine by siren sounds, weapon sounds, etc.

Basically it would be pretty neat and much more efficient to be able to refine the mods into more specific categories than just umbrella categories such as "models."





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I'm a fan of expanding this, but we'd need to develop some community tagging system to account for all of the old files, as most authors wouldn't update their files. I don't want a ghost town of categories.

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