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Hi, I'm part of people who don't like having to rename every single file they download just because the file naming of the site is bad.
I'm using mods from lcpdfr.com for years and each time I get to mod management, I look at my mods folder and see all those files with barely readable names starting by random combinations of numbers and letters.

493d2   Here is only a fraction of my mods folder.

It could be really cool remaking file naming system in order to have properly named files.
Another thing I noticed is that names containing spaces are renamed with %20 instead of spaces. I'm not completely sure it's related to the site though because it has only happened a few times, and worked one time.

Thanks a lot for your work.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Right now, this isn't something that is planned. The reason for this is due to mostly due to infrastructure design.

It's certainly something we'll look into in the distant future.

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