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Ability to Edit Other User's Post

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Hello anyone who reads this.

I have been utilizing the LSPDFR forums over the past couple of days to try and help out as much as I can. I have noticed a common occurrence with some of the new users, they sometimes put their entire ragepluginhook.log file just right out in the open, so you have to scroll for hours just to get to the bottom, or maybe they made a few simple grammatical issues. Which is fine, no one is perfect, but my point is, regular users should get rights to edit other people's post. Now, I understand this is the job of one of the site moderators, and I also understand that this could be a potential catastrophic event. Here is my suggestion: Lets say someone forgets to use a Spoiler when posting a log file. An average user such as myself, can review this error, then just hit "edit" and add the spoiler or any other changes needed to improve the post. Then, instead of it taking effect in real time, a notification goes to the original author of the post, or maybe even a moderator, showing the mistakes, how it was fixed, and the reason why it should be changed. The user can accept my changes or have the option to quickly edit them themselves. 

Another option would to have a new rank named "Grammar Police" or something of that nature that has explicit rights to only edit people's post. 

I think this is a good way to quickly correct a user who made a mistake without the need to have a Moderator online. And just overall improve the forums.




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Grammar issues do not really violate our guidelines. As much it is preferred that users use valid grammar, it isn't necessary.

If you see anything like a user leaving their entire log file in the open, which is a bit spammy, you can report the post. Moderators usually fix this when they see it themselves or if it is brought to our attention.

I don't see us ever implementing user moderation, sorry. Although we do pick moderators from the most active of our users, and the amount of valid reports they send us is usually factored in!

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