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GTA IV Not running well!

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I have been playing GTA IV on pretty much all the lowest settings in game, even though I have a good graphics card. (Geforce gtx 570) I also own a $900 HP Pavillion, and if you have a high end computer or good knowledge on how to run GTA IV well, please help! I have been experiencing unloaded, really smooth looking textures, and some buildings and roads tend to disappear and don't load unless I sit there not moving for like 30 seconds. I have tried using commandline with all appropriate settings, contig.exe file, and gamebooster but none seem to help...? can someone please help me on how to fix textures disappearing and not loading? I want to know the cheapest way to fix this and I would love if there is a way to fix it and make it play perfectly on my PC right now. Lag is also a problem and my game tends to crash within 15 minutes and I am unable to use any enbs! I only have LCPDFR and vdH PoliceHelper installed along with 4 medium-poly police cars. It is no the cars that affect my problem.

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Possible Crash Fixes:


1. Remove car mods

2. Remove skin mods

3. Cut down on number of scripts 

4. vDH Police Helper world events DO NOT run well with LCPDFR. Remove police helper or turn off world events in the .ini 

5. Map mods tend to screw up gameplay


Possible Texture Fixes: 


1. Add this commandline "-novblank -norestrictions -percentvidmem 100 -novsync -frameLimit 0 -nomemrestrict"

2. Try adding this line in LCPDFR.ini "PreloadallTextures=True" under the line "UsingPoliceStationMod=False"

3. Remove ENBs and/or Graphic Mods


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