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Problem with cars.

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I have a little problem with car mods.

When i download a some car from LCPDFR or another web site and i use the car, then i see on the street only taxi's. There are only bunch of taxi's on the street + some another random car it is embarrassing. Like today i was driving my downloaded car and i just see taxis and black scrafters on the street  :wallbash:. I downloaded the Real Traffic mod because i think there will be many different cars on the street but it didn't help.

Any solution ? I don't want to chase like cop only taxi's :D

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This glitch is caused when the game runs out of resources and has to spawn the least demanding vehicle, which happens to be the taxi. Luckily, there are many fixes for this. If you have a medium to high end computer, I'd recommend using >Traffic Flow however if you have a weaker computer, Traffic Control System would be better suited for your needs. 

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