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I recently added ELS 7 to my GTA and the lights key is working but I cant open up the light panel.  Please help, thanks.

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Have you re-mapped ANY keys at all? If you have, find what your Express Mode key is, and then hold Ctrl and press it. If you have NOT, press Ctrl-Backspace.

Does anything about Express Mode being enabled come up?

If so, make sure that LocationDisplay is set to "oninanycar". Make sure ELS is enabled for the car you're using - this can be checked easily by pressing T or Y and listening for a siren or electric airhorn. You may also have a key conflict, try remapping Toggle_InfoPanel.

If not, ELS may not be installed or you may have a keybind conflict with your ComboKey (default Ctrl). Try rebinding both the ComboKey and FunctionKey and see if it works then.

(copy-pasted my reply from the ELS Fix Centre.)

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