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Unstable installation?

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Hello guys,


before one week my GTA was stable with car mods, ped mods and some scripts. I could play for hours without a crash and stable 50 frames. Now I reinstalled GTA. GTA is now unplayable.  Everything is set as low as possible and after 5 minutes of playing I get texture loss. FPS drops and laggs with no mods and scripts installed. The FPS are in buildings high but as soon as I go to the street or the game has to load buildings the FPS goes down and I get texture loss. The multiplayer is also unplayable, after some minutes I get texture loss etc.

I don't what I did wrong. I reinstalled it the now 5th time and the bug still appears and I even deleted everything related to GTA (EFLC, mods GFWL, Social Club...).

Can someone help me?


Edit: Now I installed for fun the Country Side Mountains V map and some high poly car mods to look after the perfomance and as soon as I go to the map I get  60+ frames and no texture loss and laggs.




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