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Liberty City Officials Expands Operation Talon to the Streets


LIBERTY CITY - Liberty City Public Safety Executive Brian Howell, along with the Chief of Police, the Commissioner of Police, and city officials, are now warning people that if you are planning to pick up a prostitute, you better think twice.


"If you think that just picking up a prostitute and having sex with her is a victimless crime, you better be mistaken, because it is anything but," Howell said in a press conference Monday. "Many of these women who are working out here on the corner may have HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, some of which you can't get rid of. Not to mention the fact that you can spread them to other through sexual contact with your wife and/or your girlfriend."


This comment signals the expansion of Operation Talon, the citywide operation designed to crackdown on prostitution in Liberty City which started last year, which in recent years, have grown into a serious problem with many problems tied in to illegal drugs, human trafficking, and gang-related activity.


But the LCPD is not alone. Liberty City's Sheriff's Offices, the Port Authority of New Liberty & Alderney, the MTA Police, the New Liberty State Police, the New Liberty Civic Guard, and the National Office of Security Enforcement will be playing a role in the operation to target prostitutes and make the streets safe.


"We will use uniformed officers, plainclothes officers, and utilize marked and unmarked cars in the effort to stop the dangerous of professions," Police Commissioner Christopher James said.


The police's hard work became evident on Monday night when the LCPD and Bohan County Sheriff's Office arrested five prostitutes and three customers in Bohan, a major hot spot for prostitution.

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Fake Mollis Hospitalizations and Deaths on the Rise


LIBERTY CITY- Liberty City's hospitals are reporting a rise in hospital admissions in men due to the proliferation of the counterfeit Mollis on the streets of Liberty City.


Public Health director Victor Cruz said that the side effects of the counterfeit Mollis are much more severe than the legitimate pills. The most common are heart attacks and cardiac arrest.


"So far, a total of 82 men have been already hospitalized across Liberty City, and 15 have died so far as a result," Cruz said Friday.


On Saturday night, another man was added as a statistic. Donald Laurence, 63, was pronounced dead at Schottler Medical Center after having taken the Mollis in his Rotterdam Hill apartment shortly after having sexual intercourse with his wife. The LCPD's Narcotics and Crime Scene Units is still investigating the death, and an autopsy is being scheduled by the Liberty City Office of the Medical Examiner on Monday.


Betta, the makers of Mollis, said that there has been a serious concern about the fake Mollis pill in recent weeks and have reported the matter to the National Office of Security Enforcement, which will be working alongside the LCPD to investigate the string of hospitalizations and deaths.

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Seven Men Arrested in connection with shipping fake Mollis pills
LIBERTY CITY-Seven men are now facing drug manufacturing and drug trafficking charges following an afternoon raid in a Liberty City's Fishmarket District and in Port Tudor Friday.
A spokesperson for the National Office of Security Enforcement's Customs Authority said that a search warrant was conducted in an warehouse in Fishmarket North and in Port Tudor in Alderney State.
"Two search warrants were conducted in Liberty City and in Tudor, yielding boxes of counterfeit Mollis pills to be shipped to local pharmacies in New Liberty and Alderney," the spokesperson said, under condition of anonymity because the person is not authorized to speak to the media as it is an ongoing investigation. "We believe that the counterfeit pills were restricted only to the Liberty City area, although there were planning to ship them around the country, and potentially across the globe."
Additionally, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New Liberty will be seeking death penalty specifications on two of the men. It was speculated by the U.S. Attorney's Office that it is the work of the Italian Mafia that is based out of Northern Alderney.
"So far, seven men will be facing charges, and we expect more arrests in the coming days and weeks," U.S. Attorney Anthony Rankin said Friday.

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Two shot, seven arrested in Blind Pig raid


LIBERTY CITY - Residents in South Slopes were awoken to hear gunshots and sirens after a shots fired call reveals an illegal operation Saturday morning that resulted in two people being taken to the hospital and seven people arrested.
The call came just after 3:30 am on Saturday on a report of a shots fired. When the first officers arrived, one person was found shot, but conscious. The second was found in a neighboring building. Upon interviewing one of the men, they found that they were attending a blind pig and a raid was conducted. The raid uncovered alcohol that were illegally sold, along with drugs and prostitution. A total of 118 people were attending the alleged blind pig.
According to police, a raid was scheduled for tomorrow before the call of shots fired came out due to a series of complaints from other tenants in the building.
A total of seven people, including the super of the building, a tenant on the upper floor where he rented, two disc jockeys, and three bouncers were arrested and charged with establishing an illegal operation and were incarcerated at the Liberty City Municipal Jail in Colony Island. If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison.
The two men that were shot were sent to Schottler Medical Center in stable condition. It is reported that the wounds are not life-threatening.

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Each borough of Liberty City is a county for administrative purposes under New Liberty state law. They are also required to have a sheriff's office under the said law. In Liberty City, the sheriff's office is mainly restricted to court duties and patrolling the housing projects.


Algonquin borough=Liberty County

Broker borough=Seacrest County

Dukes borough=Dukes County

Bohan borough=Bohan County

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