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Random Crashes During Gameplay

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I am experiencing a lot of random crashes while playing the game.


Usually its while doing something directly related to LCPDFR (like arresting a suspect, during a pursuit, ...).


Some Specs of my PC: Win7 Pro 64bit, i74770K, 16GB RAM, GTX770.


I am running the GTA4 Steam Version (so I assume its the latest version thats available)

LCPDFR is the only mod that is installed (installed with the auto-installer and then patched to 1.0a)


How can I prevent these crashes ?



Turning down the vehicle density reduced the crashes

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Here are a few POSSIBLE things you could do:


1. Remove some car mods if you have any

2. Turn down vehicle density

3. Trim down the number of scripts you have

4. Reinstall 

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 System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.


This line often means that your save game file is corrupted.


Try going to the following locations and deleting your save games.


X:Users%username%AppDataLocalRockstar GamesGTA IVsavegames
:Users%username%DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA IVsavegames


Also make sure you DO NOT have both dsound.dll and xlive.dll in your directory, you only need one.



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