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  1. Justice890

    LSPDFR Crashes whenever approaching a suspect or scene

    Update: I have narrowed it down to one of Albo's plugins. I removed all of them and the issue is no longer happening. I will be adding each plugin one by one to figure out exactly which one is causing the issue. Edit: So the issue appears to be with Police Radio. Everything worked perfectly with every other plugin installed, and when I put Police Radio in, and tried to do a traffic stop, it immediately crashed as soon as I got out of my car. I have included the RPH.log for this crash. RagePluginHook.log
  2. Like the title says, my LSPDFR plugin crashes whenever I approach a suspect or a scene. I can accept callouts, do pursuits, everything that the game requires, till I exit my vehicle and approach a suspect, then my game crashes. I have very very basic plugins installed, and have not edited any vehicles except 5 cars. Edit: It also seems to happen whenever I press the button to pull up the Police Radio. RagePluginHook.log
  3. Justice890

    NJSP Textures

    Everything is crooked. You need to go back and straighten everyhting according to the angle of the template. I can tell just from the screenshots how crooked it is. Just make sure that you're following the contours of the car correctly.
  4. Justice890

    [WIP] LSPD Pack

    Making an LSPD and BCSO pack from @JJDawkins cars. I am working on the LSPD pack first. I will be doing a skin for every single car in his pack. If you have any requests (narco, K-9, Traffic, etc.) please feel free to ask.
  5. Justice890

    [WIP] LSPD and BCSO Skin pack

    '15 Charger C.A.T. skin... I know it looks pink on top, but its maroon red like the sides. Bad sun glare.
  6. Justice890

    On Patrol

    Photos taken on various patrols.
  7. Justice890

    Black Jesus's WIP Showroom

    We could really use a nice Lifeguard vehicle right about now... Hint Hint...
  8. Justice890

    New user here

    I agree completely. I wouldn't worry a ton about cars until you are comfortable with mjust doing the basic plugins and such.
  9. I'm glad we got it figured out for you. Enjoy it!
  10. Those files are used by your graphics card. They may not delete ever, idk. Try to run it again and repost the log.
  11. Just making sure, thats one of those things that everyone posts to the forums about.
  12. and you are positive there is no check mark here...
  13. I'm not sure what those are, I dont save anything to the cloud. Please read through the whole post up until now, all of this has been done many times over.
  14. Just wait till the temp files are gone from both those folders, and go from there.