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Game crashes after a few minutes on

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Hello, guys


I'm having a problem with my game. It's simple. I start the game, start LCPDFR, get my things and go to the streets. After a few minutes (5-10) my game freezes up, and then crashes, with no error logs or anything. It just simply crashes. I've already installed the Hotfix for my LCPDFR, and I use GTAIV version 1.0.70.


Here's my specs


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Processor: Core i3-2120 3.30GHz
Video Card: GTX 550Ti 1GB
Memory: 6 GB RAM
I think that's all. Simply crashes, for no apparent reason. 
By the way... I found this in my log. It repeats at each second, and keeps doing it until game crashes. Not sure if It's related, but I guess I should put it here
"[WARNING - 4:59:44 PM] [TaskBeingBusted] Process: HasVehicle is true but vehicle doesn't exist"

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Hey there! I am using ELS Mod 7.0, a Trainer, TrafficLoad, and a few Skins and Vehicles.


Might want to try removing the modded vehicles. They're known to cause trouble if the poly count is too high. I'm not sure about ped skins, but I know that modded ped models have also been said to cause crashes.


All I can suggest is try removing all your other mods and try adding them back one by one to see if one is causing the crashing. I've seen staff mention in several threads that LCPD:FR is made to be run without any other mods. Which is unfortunate since most people use police helper, modded police cars, and/or various other mods.


Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can identify the error though. Your error doesn't seem like the typical crashes most other people are getting.


By the way, have you also tried doing a manual install?

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HIGH POLY é isso o problema , remova as viaturas , peça ou faça umas viaturas mais compactas , leves e menores , use o "L0" delete os "L1" dela no zmodeler e "L2" se tiver , isso vai melhorar . Outra dica é botar o maximo de texturas em uma única imagem , poderá cair a qualidade mais as viaturas em compensação ficarão mais leves.

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