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Converting Cars

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How do I convert cars from Forza 4 or NFS?

First, learn to convert cars from GTA SA to IV. That way, you'll learn the basic skill of conversion:





Once you've watched the tutorial(s) you should be good to go (provided that you've converted a few GTA SA cars.) The reason it's often better to start with GTA SA cars is because they're a lot easier to convert. Forza cars are slightly more difficult and NFS cars are a lot more difficult. 


Try combining this tutorial with the above onces (for Forza cars):



There are currently no tutorials for converting cars from NFS to the GTA series as it stands; you'll have to learn by yourself. With NFS cars, you'll often have to remap a lot of stuff as the rips don't keep the textures mapped for some odd reason; however, other car rips (from other games) do keep their textures mapped.


I also recommend you take a look at Harper's tutorial (found in the tutorials section). It more so shows how the hierarchy should be setup and rather the extreme basics of converting.


I hope I helped and if you'd like more info, just quote me and I'd be more than happy to help (please don't PM me). I just don't have the time to show you how to convert and I don't think that would be necessary, seeing the amount of tutorials on YouTube.


EDIT: P.S. It does take a lot of time to convert cars; it's not an overnight skill. Don't get pissed off if you don't get the hang of it: try another car and don't forget to listen to some music!

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It's actually rather simple in concept, but hard in terms of getting it done the first few times. 


Basically, you need to take the 3D model and make it GTA ready. Detach parts to create different sections of the vehicle, map materials, add dummies and collisions. 


After a few times it will be easy, but for your first, refer to those videos or import a GTA model into another zmod window to get you started. 

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