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GTA IV Mods will not load.

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If I run GTA IV in admin, none of my mods are there. If I run it normally, all of my mods are intact, but as soon as i enter a police station my game crashes every single time? Whats the deal??

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I've had a similar problem where my game will be working fine, then the next time I load my game (often after I add a new mod, which I have used before and it worked fine) none of my mods work. Not: ELS, trainer, LCPD:FR, none. This may be down to the .asi loader failing but after replacing those my game still doesn't work so I'm not sure. I fix this problem by completely re-installing all my mods.


So you can either, 


A. Re-install and overwrite your mods




B. Completely re-install the game.


Sorry if it's not much help.

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