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crazy dude

ZModeler Problem

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I've seen this happen before when you're exporting you need to have the export file the same name as the name in the hierarchy..


for instance the top of the hierarchy says.. police.wft.. you need to export as police.wft.. sometimes if you export as the wrong name it does that

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Ok, now I have a new problem. Whenever I export, it says,

ZModeler is ready.
Error collecting export data. file:GTAIVExport.cpp line:94
 Duplicate instances of part "wheelmesh_lf" found. file:GTAIVExport.cpp line:369
Then it closes without me touching anything. If I change the name of it, then it does not include it when exporting.
Edit: There are 2 pieces called wheelmesh_lf and [wheelmesh_lf]
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