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I have now tried to setup everything on my own, which has unfortunately resulted in me re-installing the game twice. I feel I am following the tutorials correctly, but this new ground for me so I am lost.


I am playing GTA 4, and would like to setup my GTA with LCPDFR themed on London. Take this guy for example:



He has the London police uniforms, he has a great car, Metropolitan police uniform, and I need all of that!



As I am actually paying for the setup, I would like it all to be done well, this would include:

- Metropolitan police cars (like the video above & double doppers)

- Metropolitan police uniforms

- Fully functioning sirens (like his in the video, lit up fully blue, as I could never get that)

- LCPDFR installed correctly


Contact me on steam:

connorcide & we can discuss a price

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Oh boy.

You know what, I'll help you free of charge. PM me for more info, as I don't want to use steam.

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