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LCPD First Response Wont Install

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Every time I get to the page where I enter my username and password and click next I get Microsoft .NET framework error that says "Unhanded exception has occurred in your application."


Please HELP!

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  • Make sure you aren't using a crack - We don't support cracks
  • Update GTA IV to (the latest version of the game, or for EFLC) - This sometimes fixes a wide variety of issues
  • Make sure that you run the game as an administrator.
  • Make sure that your GTA IV root folder (and every subdirectory) is not set to "read-only"
  • Ensure that FirstResponse.net.dll is in the SCRIPTS folder and that AdvancedHook.dll is in the GTA IV ROOT folder.
  • Ensure that ScriptHook.dll, ScriptHookDotNet.asi and Dsound.dll OR Xlive.dll are in the GTA IV ROOT folder
  • Ensure that there is a folder titled 'LCPDFR' in the SCRIPTS folder.
  • Check that all the above files exist, if they do not, reinstall LCPDFR with the automatic installation.
  • Ensure that you are using up to date versions of every LCPDFR dependency and LCPDFR itself.
  • Install these: http://www.microsoft...9f-b21f31ab88b7http://www.microsoft...&displaylang=en
  • Run a diagnostic report (found here:  title="">http://www.lcpdfr.co...agnostics-tool/) which will point any errors it can find and will be used later on if you need to post a topic.

Also: ('?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>). 

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Try to redownload, or skip the whole login/password screen. You can add that later via a configuration file.

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