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GTA IV LCPD:FR - Not able to play with friends?

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Me and my friend just want to play this mod online with just the two of us.


We both have the same version of the mod, the singleplayer works fine, we have up to date version of GTA IV, but whenever we try to join eachother's private lobbies or games it just says we can't connect? Can anyone please tell me how to fix this? It's very frustrating. Thanks in advance

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Firstly, do you have a legal copy or a pirated copy of the game?



I bought GTA IV complete Edition off of steam. No piracy here. Same with my my friend.

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Double check, to be sure you've forwarded all your Ports. Before doing this, be sure you've assigned a Local Static IP Address to your PC, as most routers require you to enter an IP when port forwarding. (In my case of Multiplayer issues, I had to get a Static IP from my ISP and enter it into my Router)

6672 - UDP

28900 - UDP

8001 - TCP

27900 - TCP


Once you've done that/ checked to see if you have, go into your game, open up your GFWL Menu (Home Button), go to Settings (Above Sign Out) and click Network Information, and check what your NAT Type says.

If you've configured everything correctly, your NAT Type should say Open, if it didn't already say Open before

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