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ELS7 and pursuits

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This might have been asked already and I apologize for asking again.


When I commence a traffic stop and the driver takes off, normally I can activate my siren and the pursuit is underway. However, I've noticed with ELS 7 that once the driver takes off, I activate my siren and he pulls over again like with normal traffic, but the red arrow is still above the car indicating that there's still an active pursuit.


Any way to alleviate this? It doesn't make pursuits fun anymore.

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No. Re-installing won't do anything. This is not likely a problem with ELS, Are you using the ELS's version of the siren (Where you have to turn on all three lightmodes for it to activate), I never witnessed this but that really shouldn't happen.


If it continues, Post it in LCPDFR support since it is associated with that but it probably has something to do with it using the normal GTA siren and the ELS one, But then again regardless in the LCPDFR script it makes it so he wont pull over, Honestly I don't know 100%.

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