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odd visual bug..

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I recently downloaded ESL v7 and I notice that my light bar shows on my car but like the AI's cop cars (the default cop cars) there light bars are like missing or I cannot seem them, any ideas on why that would be?



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Are your AI cars modded with ELS vehicles?  My ELS cars are just fine, but I have the same issue with the Vapid Cruisers I installed, and certain CVPI's (non-els cars), not being able to see the light bars at times...other times they show just fine.  


I thought it was the livery settings or placing +ext_strong in the livery line, but that don't help either.  Never figured it out, so I ended up installing a strobe mod so if the light bar doesn't appear, at least the headlights and hazard lights are flashing on the non-els cars.


BTW:  As stressed by a few here, make sure you disable the default cars in the ELS.ini.  Those non-els cars can't have the ELS config set to "on"  in those slots where a non-els vehicle resides.  That doesn't help my scenario, but it may help with yours.



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It's because your unmodded cars are turned on in the ELS.ini. Turn those off.

Also, PursuitGamer6, please stop misleading users. If you don't have correct info to contribute, don't contribute, you'll make things worse. It's the second time I catch you with this.

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