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Just doesnt seem right

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I recently downloaded this patch.  I enjoyed it the first day i played it but now Im running into a dead end.  I am curious to here from other users and their personal experiences.  I have the auto plate reader mod, now I have not been playing gta4 that long and dont know much about it, but im curious - "Are the cars supposed to move over, or pull over for you?" because they don't.  I find a car with a wanted tag and I have to basicly cut the car off and randomly arrest the person.  No matter the tag on the vehicle they simply don't react to me.


I also only recieve basicly two missions, a domestic violence and suicidal person call and they always spawn in only two locations.  Seems like there is an issue but maybe not, also curious to see other users experiences here.


If i drive to the other two islands no calls for service are requested.


The f10-12 keys seem like they really just don't work, and if they do its like 10% of the time.  Is there an ability to call for back up as your trying to chase somebody?


I don't know, Im horrible with modding and horrible with these sort of things, but this just seems wrong.  

Thank you for anyones feed back on this.

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This should help with your problems:  '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


You can press Alt+B for backup and Alt+N for Noose backup, and press Shift to pull a car over.


EDIT:  For your callout problems, try moving around the map a little bit to get more variety.  Also, LCPDFR isn't linked to the plate reader so the names will be different and LCPDFR will have no idea what the ALPR is outputting for names and warrants.

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It happens to me everyonce in a while, try pressing F7 so ur busy then turn it back on. If it doesn't still work, press ~, and type "ReloadScripts" no ""

Hope it works

Best wishes

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