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    Awesome mod just keeps getting better and betterr!! (a must have )
  1. you have to open open iv go to edit mode and update the update.rp f file
  2. boomer2840

    EUP Menu

    awesome job love it!!!!
  3. boomer2840

    LSPDFR Computer+

    @OfficerKnox i once had the same problem and i reinstalled all files in order and it worked hope it works for you!
  4. boomer2840


    @sjain thanks i just did the update and backed up my handling and vehicle meta files everthing else seems good
  5. boomer2840


    im getting this when i Mod dont know what to do it says i will delete everything if i do what it says please help thanks
  6. boomer2840

    My game keep crashing when I play

    same issue herew please help thanks crash report.txt
  7. boomer2840

    Build 1011 or 1032?

    mine says 1011 rage 52 im expieriencing a lot of crashes crash report.txt
  8. boomer2840

    LSPDFR Computer+

    ive always loved this mod but now that i can change the font unreal!!! great job.
  9. boomer2840

    GTA V not working social club error

    hey thanks but i got it this time the install worked. I deleted social club and ran new install and it worked. thanks again!
  10. this is what im getting when doing a new install and i cant find a new social club download!! the link it sends me to is this please help thanks http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/gtav/Launcher_EFIGS/GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_877_1.exe
  11. boomer2840

    LSPDFR - Will not start/load

    Thanks yeah I did reinstall it I'll check it when I get home thanks again for the info!
  12. boomer2840

    Retail not supported AGAIN!?

    my game starts with build 944.2 and crashes why wont it update? how can i make it update? im online. please help thanks actually it says 944.1 for build
  13. boomer2840

    LSPDFR - Will not start/load

    how did you fix it?
  14. boomer2840

    Police Cars

    thanks elmo!!