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Red Dead Redemption Based Skin Pack?

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Hello everyone,


I've been playing LCPDFR for quite a long time now, but I'm pretty new to these forums. I've been creating skins for my own personal use for a while, but now I'm interested in making some skins for release to the LCPDFR community. I have a few ideas for some pretty cool and unique skins and I'm working on cleaning up my personal skins for a possible pack.


What I would like to know is if there would be a demand for skins based on Red Dead Redemption. I've already brainstormed some ideas for different departments based on the cities and areas from RDR, including state, county and city agencies from both the US and Mexican sides of the border. The reason I ask, instead of just making and releasing a skin pack, is because I probably wouldn't use these skins. I'm kind of obsessive about having skins accurate to the area I'm patrolling (for example, I only use LCPD skins in LC, Leftwood Police skins in Leftwood, etc.), so I could never cruise around Star Junction with a Blackwater PD skin on my patrol car. I'm considering making these skins as a creative exercise, as well as to practice my texture creating skills. If there is a decent number of people that would download and use these skins, then I'll go ahead and complete/release them. If not, then I'll shift my attention to making some Liberty City or Alderney skins.


I've already started on a few skins, so hopefully these will give you guys a little preview and maybe spark an interest in seeing more...


Armadillo Police Department, New Austin




Tumbleweed Marshal's Office, New Austin



Policia Estatal Preventiva de Nuevo Paraiso, Mexico (Nuevo Paraiso State Preventative Police)



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Quick update guys: Work on this is going kinda slow due to a hectic work schedule and personal stuff. However, I've found that I really enjoy making vehicle skins, so I've brainstormed up about 15 different departments I'm going to make textures for. I've finished 6 over the past week, so I estimate it will be another 2 to 3 weeks before I'm done. Thanks for the words of encouragement to the posters above.


And now to show off the other 3 skins:


Rio Bravo County Sheriff's Office



West Elizabeth State Patrol



Blackwater Police Department


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