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Private Investigation mod?

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     Ahhhh, the life of a private investigator! Surveillance, missing persons, closed casses! The whole nine yards! The sad part is, there are not any realistic private investigation games  :wallbash: The GTA modding community (LCPD:FR) is a group of people who choose to change obstacles like this! I feel, and am sure many others, that we can create a Private Investigator mod. It has so much potential!


     Hello I own a freelancing website ( www.InternationalFreelancersAssociation.yolasite.com ). I am willing to be sort of a project manager/publicist for this mod. That is if any modder(s) would like to help me with this mod that would be fantastic! Please either inbox me via LCPD:FR or visit my websites "Contact Us" page. 

      If you are interested in learning about this mod, plans, or want to submit an idea, please do the same! 

      I ill also need people whom will promote this ad on different  modding websites! Thank you!


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Something like this is far more suited for a role playing community such as SA:MP or IV:MP than a single player mod. I would certainly recommend that you look into something like that instead of creating a mod for it.

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Never seen it before...any good?


Good day,




 L.A. Noire = Amazing Game...That would be your "PI" right there, Except your an actual detective.

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