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CVPI with blue lights?

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I am looking for a CVPI (Not slicktop) with all blue lights. I have been scouring google, this website, and gta police mods for one, but I can't find it anywhere. I tried making my own, but it did not work so well.


Here is a video of my failed attempt at making a light texture all blue. It does not even look blue, just kind of purple. Anybody know of one?





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what cvpi are you using.


I believe I'm using this one with a different skin and my bad light texture. I am really looking for the blue lights. I can always change out the skin myself. I think a lot of people are looking for the blue lights.



just take the cvpi you like, and edit the files in the texture of the vehicle to make the lights all blue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSUGaF8QxA4


skip to minute 8 for my slicktop all blue!


I tried changing to the blue lights as you can see in my above video, but they look dull and purple, not bright blue/white like others have.

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I had the same issue.  I'm in the northeast and the police up here primarily run all blue.  To make the changes you'll need spark and possibly openiv.  I had one model that crashed spark every time I tried to import new textures, but I was able to do it fine with openiv.  I also used paint shop pro x2 to do the graphics editing (I'm guessing there are probably some good freeware graphics programs that could do this as well).  I also have straight gta 4, no eflc etc etc  To change the colors for the light bars I did the following.

  1. Open spark
  2. click on the gta button
  3. go to pcmodelscdimages
  4. open vehicles.img (make a backup first)
  5. choose the .wtd file for the vehicle you want to edit
  6. export each of the light textures
  7. open the textures in your graphics software
  8. copy and past the blue lights over the red, you could do that for the amber as well on some vehicles, but it's a pain to figure which go to traffic advisors on some models
  9. save the graphics using the same name as the original.
  10. go back into spark and for each texture you exported, locate it in spark and then choose import texture and it will pull the blue in and over write the red.
  11. save everything and exit spark
  12. then go into your els.ini file and change the values for the light colors from red to blue. ( that will fix the glow/reflection from the new lights to be blue instead of red)
  13. load up gta and enjoy your blue lights.


Sorry, I should have put this in my last post.  If you have vehicles in numerous slots for gta it'll take some time to fix the graphics for the lightbars and ram bars.  I have vehicles with multiple liveries in all police slots and it took about 3 hours to change all the red to blue.

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I have changed the lightbar to blue, but as you can see in the video, they look almost purple and rather dull. Other people like in the video you posted have been able to get bright, dark blue, almost white light. Why can't anyone just upload their lightbar texture?

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