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Problem: My police cars lights won't turn on but the sirens work. Not even a glimpse of light so I don't think this is a radiance issue but I'm not an expert. Traffic is moving over to prove that sirens are indeed working but I can't see the lights.

It was working fine before my vacation. I came back and installed these files:

1) BetterEMS

2) Spotlight

3) Variety Callouts

4) Ultimate Backup

5) StopThePed 

6) AutomaticSirenCutout 


Can anyone tell me what caused this issue? 


P.S. the lights for the fire and ambulance vehicle works fine (non-ELS)

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Remove AutomaticSirenCutout for now. The rest don't interfere with ELS.

Try deleting OpenIV.asi; restarting your PC, and then reinstalling OpenIV.asi via OpenIV.
Also make sure you didn't install any Sirens. (Sound files). 

You need help but aren't sure what you need to do / where you can get help? 

Official Rage Discord offers instant peer to peer help for all kinds of GTA V issues, Rage issues & LSPDFR / Plugins issues. 


Come in, state your issue and leave playing one hell of an amazing game.

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