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SAHP Highway Patrol Stanier, Buffalo, Bike, Maverick and Uniform immersion pack! 1.0.7

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No content update here; just an announcement. With the z modeler 3 import/export plugin released vehicle modding can truly begin. I am still trying to wrap my head around what is possible and is not possible with the plugin but if vehicle model improvements become available or especially limitless mapping I intend on reworking this mod from scratch with uncompromising CHP style liveries. I have ran my course with the current vehicle mapping limitations and there's not much else I can do to improve these vehicles or make them more accurate to the CHP look. It's my intention to rework this mod completely and release entirely new vehicles with vastly improved liveries. I'll attach a picture of what I have in mind so you can see what the future holds for the SAHP! I am changing my focus to attempt and integrate new liveries entirely and will not be updating the old style models.

I plan on sticking to the "in universe" theme and will release vehicles such as the buffalo and stanier with improved models, mapping and textures. In other words improved vanilla vehicles. I don't see myself releasing a crown victoria mod or anything (I'm sure there will be plenty of those anyways).

In addition, I would like to say thank you once again to AlexVonShep who is working on a second SAHP station conversion mod. This one, which was a suggestion in the comments, will be for the La Mesa LSPD station which we learned is based on a real CHP station. Seems appropriate!

Thanks to everyone for enjoying this mod!  Attached is a sneak peak at what I have in mind for the future vehicles. Keep in mind this is just an edited screenshot and some progress will need to be made in the vehicle mapping department before it is possible. But I am hopeful it will become a reality in the near future.


Hello! Thank you for looking at the current version of my San Andreas Highway Patrol 'immersion' pack. I have worked hard to make sure these vehicles fit in with the other vanilla agencies and used their art style as guidelines so the SAHP does not look out of place when next to them.

Here is what's included in this file:
- Add-on SAHP Stanier, white Stanier and Buffalo (you do not need to replace another vehicle to get these cars into the game)
- Replacement textures for the Bike and Maverick (both optional)
- Sweet ass black and white Maverick texture that matches Stanier
- ALL NEW (Update SAHP Trooper uniform overhaul - which changes the trooper uniforms to tan in the style of the CHP: Also included in this update is a brand new made from scratch SAHP uniform patch that is high fidelity and looks a lot better than the previous one: which was pulled from the GTAV wikipedia. Not anymore! (I include files for both uniform overhaul and vanilla uniforms with new patch only, if you like the vanilla uniforms and just want the patch)
- Alternate version of the Stanier file that has the much requested amber head lamps (with easy installation instructions)
- New version includes a third headlight option that is for amber turn signals only (parking lights remain clear). To me this fits in the best with vanilla cars.

You will need a trainer that has a vehicle spawner that allows you to type in the vehicle name manually. You can also spawn them using the RageHook console by typing "spawn hwaycar", "spawn hwaycar2" or "spawn hwaycar3". I use the enhanced native trainer and have the vehicles saved so they can be easily spawned. 

Installation instructions included in ReadMe.

Please check out AlexVonShep's SAHP Paleto Bay conversion mod. We worked together on this mod and he did an awesome job. You may remember Alex from his GTAIV station mods and he is continuing with this tradition into GTAV. For those of you who are big SAHP fans I highly recommend it.
See the SAHP Paleto Bay mod here:

Also a special thanks to JFavignano for featuring this mod in 2 of his videos! Check his channel out and subscribe if you like. Here are the videos featuring this mod:

I look at comments and welcome requests and suggestions. If you have any please feel free to message me or leave a comment. And remember to rate the file!


What's New in Version 1.0.7


-Small changes to all vehicle textures
-Removed "STATE TROOPER" text from all vehicles. It bothered me. If you liked it let me know..
-New Maverick texture, thanks to AlexVonShep
-Uniform overhaul refined, refined, refined some more.

A special thanks to AlexVonShep for the curve SAHP texture used on the screen shots and the helicopter. It's a texture from his SAHP Paleto Bay station mod. Check it out here:
- Fixed texture errors with new uniforms
- All uniform textures high resolution
- Included a separate file for the uniform overhaul so you don't have to download the entire thing again

If you did download the update yesterday for the uniforms I recommend re downloading them. They now have a separate file.
- ALL NEW SAHP Trooper uniform overhaul - this changes the default uniforms to tan in the style of the CHP (See screenshots)
- ALL NEW SAHP Trooper patch - made from scratch and high fidelity, the new patch looks a lot sharper on the uniforms (See screenshots)

I have included two folders: the "Uniform overhaul" folder with the tan uniforms and patches, and the "Patches only" folder that includes the vanilla SAHP uniforms with only the new patch for those that prefer the vanilla uniform colors.

Also don't forget to check out the new SAHP Paleto Bay conversion mod by AlexVonShep! Find it here:

- Reworked the vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta files from scratch
- Added a new all white stanier version (3rd add on car, type hwaycar3 into ragehook or other trainer). This one was made to use as slicktop but also has lightbars as well
- Total reworking of vehicle textures, lots of changes and improvements. Added depth to SAHP decal to make it look like decal and not cartoon
- Added a third headlight option (my personal favorite) with amber turn signals only (it fits in better with vanilla cars) and clear running lights. This is the default headlight

And to correspond with what will be my last update for a while: AlexVonShep has released a SAHP conversion pack for the paleto bay sheriff station. I worked with Alex on making this mod and he has done an awesome job. For those of you who want more SAHP immersion I highly recommend downloading this mod which was a joint project between Alex and myself. Alex is known for his station mods (especially from GTAIV) and I am proud to have been able to work with him on this project as he expands his GTAV station mod collection. Check it out!:

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and I hope you enjoy the update!
- Vast improvements to both the Bike and Maverick textures. All vehicles now have the same high resolution texture size. All vehicles now look the same both close and far away
- Added a "Highway Patrol" texture to Bike windshield
- Learned how to spell "Stanier"
- Removed the white and blue and white Mavericks because they did not meet my quality expectations

I am making some progress along with AlexVonShep on a Paleto Bay SAHP police station conversion pack, for those of you who cannot get enough Highway Patrol immersion and would like a SAHP station. I anticipate completion in a few 

- Changed the back of both the Stainer and the Buffalo to say "Highway Patrol"
- Made the unit numbering on Stainer consistent
- Small improvements to Maverick
- Updated screenshots

I'm done working with the textures for now. I will revisit this mod when we make progress on the station and ambiance mods. Thanks for all of your support and hope you enjoy
Added a new sweet ass black and white Maverick theme that is my personal favorite because it matches the cars. I recommend using this one, personally. You can find it in the new download in the "Sweet ass black and white maverick" folder. Screenshot added.

Alright, I'm done with the Maverick (for now...)

Sorry. I couldn't decide between a blue and white Maverick or a plain white one, so I included both. The choice is yours.

1.0.4 Update
-Now includes alternate file for amber light stainer
-Adds Maverick SAHP texture
-Refined Stainer texture
-Removes "police.ytd" file altogether

I am still working on the station, ambiance and dispatch.meta files so they are actually good. Not sure of a timeline...

1.0.3 Update

Changes in this version:
-Stainer and Buffalo now available as add-on cars!
-Added a minimalistic all white SAHP Buffalo
-Added SAHP Bike texture replacing the policeb bike

New folder with vehicle textures as add-on vehicles. This means you do not have to overwrite existing cars for these textures! However, you will need to spawn the new cars manually using a trainer or RageHook. To spawn the new cars, open Ragehook console and type "spawn hwaycar" for SAHP Buffalo or "spawn hwaycar2" for SAHP Stainer.

Changes in this new version:

- Refined some small details on the Stainer
-Substantially reduced Stainer texture size to improve FPS without quality loss
-Added a second Stainer with Amber signal lights as requested
-Replaced "Los Santos Highway Patrol" patch with "San Andreas Highway Patrol" patch on ped texture
-Updated ReadMe, attempting to make instructions more clear

Hope you all enjoy!

Thanks to..

Exiled for the transparent lightbar texture,
Sgt.Kanyo for the amber signal light texture which I modified
Hugo_Agante and AlexVonShep who are both helping me with the other ambiance features I am working on
Thanks to AlexVonShep for his SAHP Paleto Bay station mod! Check it out it's awesome.
Thank you and apologies to Netman005. I accidentally included some of his content in my original add-on files. I used his files to help me figure out how to make the add-ons work. Without that I wouldn't have figured out how to do it myself.
A special thanks to JFavignano for featuring this mod in 2 of his videos!

If I missed someone let me know!

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Zachary Houseknecht

For current version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great pack and good installation instructions! Used the Buffalo in my latest Highway Patrol video, and loved it!

Great job, looking forward to more from you in the future.

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For current version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Just what I was looking for you! I love that the SAHP is getting Rockstar-like treatment from the LSPDFR community. Keep up the great work!

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For current version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Wow! Thoroughly impressed with this vehicle pack, especially the all white Stanier, I love the all white CHP Supervisor vehicles. Keep up the awesome work! 

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Thanks for updating this mpregeant!

Great to see you finally were able to make the SAHP cars to spawn naturally on the roads like the Police Bike does! This is what I needed for my SAHP gameplay!

By the way, thanks for having used my mod :)

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Absolutely brilliant. The fact that you can get these cars as add-ons instead of replacements just makes it that much better. Highly recommend everyone to get these into their game asap. Just waiting for the author to figure out how to get them to spawn naturally and this would be pretty much perfect!

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For current version ·


could someone help me please. I have followed  all the instructions, but when I install it all and open up RAGE it just crashes.

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For current version ·


Keep up the good work! I want the enlarged SAHP textures on the stainer

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For current version ·


Very well-done! The textures look amazing, and it's an all-around great mod. I have one idea for you; would you consider making a SHA (State Highway Administration) Tow truck texture? It would help with immersion when using FinKone's Police Radio, and i'm sure you could pull off a great model. 

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For current version ·


which directory do I need to download the hwaycar2.ytd and hwaycar3.ytd too

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For old version ·


It's an awesome addition. but here is a request! LSPDFR by default seems to use the unmarked cruiser (police4) for the car response of the SAHP. I propose a simple reskin of the undercover vapid in full SAHP colors, just like the model featured in this set, so that when State backup is called for, Car-riding officers will respond in something other than a plain white undercover vehicle. Plus the lights on the Police4 model are awesome, so that'd be awesome to keep!

Response from the author:

As soon as vehicle mapping becomes available this will happen! Unfortunately there are currently some limitations to vehicle texturing we can't do anything about.

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For old version ·


I've been using this since its released its excellent, textures are very nice and clean, not too cluttered, the black SAHP chopper is superb 

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For old version ·


Best Highway Patrol skins I've found. Also a great thing that they are addons.

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For old version ·


Excellent details and comprehensive package. Great work, thoughtful file packaging, and well supported by author. One of my favorites.

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Hey, Its a nice pack! But how do i install it? i cant replace the file for some reason.

Response from the author:

I am guessing the problem is that you are trying to go online and there is a file verification process that they will find and automatically re-download the modified file. Unfortunately this mod is only usable offline. 

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This pack is incredible! It integrates so fluidly with GTA V that it seems out of place when it isn't installed.

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· Edited by Neoks


Now that you can get the cars as add ons is just..... ahhh thank you :D


BUT ......... The Addon Stanier do not have the amber light.... :(

Response from the author:

It does now :)

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