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[DEV] Westin Pit Bar Elite (2016 Explorer) 1.0.0

2 Screenshots

These models are not perfect, nor should you expect perfection. This is my first time taking on a decently sized project. 


Poly Count: 8K (Lowest I could get sorry)


Join the discord for exclusive releases: https://discord.gg/PaJt8a7



The last picture is included please note I didn't boolean it in the picture. I have also removed the 2 boxes since they didn't look good with the wrap.

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Gave it a nice look ingame


Completely redid the rambar and wrap 


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3 minutes ago, LSPDFR Custom Cars Team said:

Is it off center? 

Only if people got the joke that wasn't in Interceptor Studio's discord (on the low self-promotion join the discord you won't https://discord.gg/MUb6EQw if you join you will get the joke sorta kinda probably not)



And um, no it's not off center. 



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On 12/11/2018 at 4:13 PM, ThatUnturnedGuy said:

You owe a lot of money now, i remember you selling this for 15$

Two different rambars, join the discord to see.



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