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LSPD Pack Inspired by El Paso Texas PD 2.0.0

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Was seriously just making these for myself, but I love how they came, so I'm sharing them!!!! The paint is inspired the El Paso Texas PD, but I gave them a Los Santos twist... I will NOT be making the Tahoe for this pack because it doesn't look as good as the rest of the pack, so please don't ask me about it. Vehicles included in this pack are the following... 


2014 Charger

2015 Charger



2011 CVPI


There's some imperfections, but they're only noticeable when you go in first person and trying to find them.... 


All vehicles are from this pack....

Credit Thegreathah for his LSPD pack!


As always, Do NOT claim my work as your own, and do not upload to any other websites!!!

What's New in Version 2.0.0


Added a 2011 CVPI to the pack....

Credit Bxbugs123 for the CVPI!



So to everyone on LSPDFR, I have Multiple Sclerosis, and all people that suffer from MS will/have problems with their eyesight... It's not a defense, but what I may see in my eyes as something being straight, may actually look crooked to normal people. Again it's not a defense for anything misaligned or crooked, but to me everything looks fine. 

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For old version 1.0.0 ·

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I love it.

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Pacific Pig

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For old version 1.0.0 ·

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EDIT: Now that it is made clear these are just lightly inspired by El Paso and not meant to be based on them I am raising my review but some of the problems in my original review not dealing with El Paso are still there such as #10, #12, #13, #14, #15, and I noticed looking at the side of the vehicles in game the white bleeds off the doors in some places that once noticed is hard to unsee.


For a lore friendly pack based on a real department this is pretty inaccurate in every way but the stripes.

  1. Font for all writing is completely off and not even close to what El Paso uses.
  2. El Paso uses grey outlined with black lettering for the city name on the side not just plain black as seen here.
  3. EPPD also outlines police on the side of their cars not a drop shadow as used here.
  4. Completely different Emergency 911 decal used, on the real cars They simply say EMERGENCY 911 on the side
  5. In real life under police EPPD has "El Paso's Finest" or "To Protect and Serve" in grey text with a black outline  with and extra black drop shadow on the To Protect and Serve version.
  6. In real life they have a Oval Shield style badge not a Star like used in this.
  7. The real department has white roofs not black.
  8. On the back the Real El Paso Police have "El Paso Police" on the back not just Police and it is all orange like their stripe not black with a outline.
  9. El Paso doen't use caution stripes on their vehicles.
  10. None of these cars have unit numbers at all.
  11. Most El Paso cars also have a U.S. Flag on the front quarter panel near the stripes.
  12. No actual licence plate El Paso based or Lore.
  13. On one of the chargers (the 14 if I remember correctly) has the corner of a black box cutting it off.
  14. The stripe is very bright in game and looks more neon yellow then the light orange it is in real life.
  15. None of the "Los Santos" text lines up with "Police" on the sides.


Hope you don't take this the wrong way this is just meant to help improve the pack not be mean in anyway! Would've given a higher star count but for something based off El Paso these are almost completely different other then the stripes! Hope to see this pack improve, Best of luck keep it up!

Response from the author:

The paint it self is based on the El Paso Texas PD, but I gave them a Los Santos twist... Me personally, I can't stand perfect vehicles based off real life PD's, because it's been done already by the real PD. I'm a 100% fan of GTA, which is why you see all my packs are lore friendly. In my personal opinion making them exact copies of real life departments for something that's fictional such as a vehicle is copyright infringement, even though it's not, I'm a retired graphic designer so in my mind taking something that someone has created then making an exact copy doesn't fly as "original content" you know what I mean.


Even though technically no ones breaking any laws, or infringing on copy right violation, by making vehicles and textures for lspdfr in my mind because of having to follow copy right laws for many years I see it that way. It's like take a retired cop for instance, yeah they're retired and everything, when they see someone breaking a law the penal codes are stuck their minds so in their mind they're thinking "if I was on patrol, I'd bust them for this, or that" you know.

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