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NSW Highway Patrol BMW 530D 0.9.5

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About This File

G'day, This is a 2017 model bmw 530d used by the NSW Police Force. I was feeling nice and thought some of us were wanting the new beamers so here you go. This model would not have been possible without the constant support and feedback from the community... So thank you!  Keep your eyes peeled for the unmarked variant of the bmw which will be released soon, I  just have to fix some bugs and a VICPOL bmw which is coming soon just playing with the lighting setup and gear. Please be respectful of the model and read the readme 



TRF210 (aboriginal livery)

will include more as time goes



-This model is to be used for fun and enjoyment in your games, any attempts or succesful ripping of the model will have action taken

-You are not to reupload this model anywhere else. It is to stay strictly on Darkmyre.net and lcpdfr.com by myself only

-You have permission to create vehicle liveries with the provided template and upload them as long as you do not inlcude vehicle files and must leave a link to the model here

-You may edit the textures included so long as you dont reupload and keep it to yourself only

-You may use this modification on FiveM servers so long as you ask me in dm, if you dont then you will not be allowed to do so and action will be taken



- Model Source : 3Dexport(3DStarving)
- Model Purchased : Craig Christian
- Rims : 3Dexport(3DStarving)
- Rear Bumper Fix : Tim
- Front Bumper Fix : Tim
- Modelled Boot : BritishGamer88
- Ported over to GTAV : BritishGamer88
- Model templated : BritishGamer88
- Material's/Texture's : BritishGamer88 & tim, most revised and edited by Myself
-Vehicle Liveries by Myself
-Antennas + most interior gear modelled by myself (authors below)
-Lightbar glass and mesh modelled by SnrCstJacbob converted to V by myself
-ANPRs modelled, textures and converted by myself
-Watchguard modelled by HDGamerzPC
-SLIC Controller modelled by MooseYTY
-Some lighting textures were made by Macgregor and Moose so huge thanks to them 🙂
-Linz6 by cooeprcm


Thanks for downloading this modification, much appreciated, any bugs you notice, let me know and if you enjoy the mod leave a review!! Have a good one


What's New in Version 0.9.5


Fixed Credits. Sorry about that,

Uploaded the new YTD

User Feedback

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For current version ·

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Reviewed version: 0.95

Review date: 4/10/2018


For a beta it is a 5 star model, but being a beta it has its flaws. It's the first publicly-released model to use an accurate NSWPF-spec Code 3 Defender in game, ahead of Moose's updated Falcon and Commodore. The same attention to detail applies to accurate grille LED 'Authority Pack' modules, and general interior and exterior fit out. The model created by 3DStarving and purchased by Craig Christian for the British LCPDFR community is just top notch, though there were some oversights importing it into the game. Really I'm not here to talk about what makes it a good model, that is something you should try yourself, and for a beta of pretty much the most anticipated car right now - it does not disappoint. 


It's so good for a free model on LCPDFR that the best thing to do is to compare it against perfection, the real deal, the real BMW 530ds used by NSW Police. The list of things wrong with it may look long yes, but if I were to list all the things right with it that would take forever.


Model issue: 1

-[Minor]Luxury line steering wheel instead of M-sport, but no-one cares about this insignificant flaw.


Vehicle lighting issues: 4

-[Minor]Fog lights do not work, not Natho's fault, didn't work on BritishGamer's one either.

-[Minor]Front indicator is in the low beam, while the real front indicator is a DRL. Natho did try to fix this, and it is better than what it originally was, but being a beta there is room for improvement.

-[Minor]Rear DRL (yes it has one) was modified from BritishGamer's correct interpretation to the space for where the real brake light is.

-[Minor]Rear brakelight doesn't entirely light up to what it should (there's 2 visible parts, split by the DRL), not Natho's fault, didn't work on BritishGamer's one either


Equipment fitout issues: 2

-[Minor]Front ANPR readers are cross-eyed inwards when they should face outwards.

-[Minor]LIDAR unit points inwards instead of outwards and may give passengers premature cancer.

-[Minor]Authority Pack (they run rubber rectangular tubing down to the boot, they don't drill holes into the roof like with local cars) roof wiring insulation doesn't exist, but you wouldn't have though it did if I didn't tell you so.


Skin issues: 4

-[Minor]Window pillars are white instead of black.

-[Moderate]Some white debris on the window texture.

-[Minor]Missing roof callsigns

-[Minor]Some minor niggles with the side vinyl not being high enough in relation to where it is in reality, as well as the rear quarter panel checkers not quite matching reality, no big deal really.




Response from the author:

Hey mate. I really, really do appreciate this. I try for all my mods to be at a good state to use for everyones enjoyment an for sure will be trying to fix all the bugs listed there. most of which i was completely unaware of. We need more of you, depicting the bugs. Thanks man!! Love feedback it helps TONNES


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For current version ·


Love it. Thank you Jokez and gamez for releasing it. 

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Weekend Warrior

For current version ·


Really awesome, I love Australian police cars but this is my favorite!

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For current version ·


I goddamn love it ❤️

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For current version ·


Great work mate! As always. Thanks for your hard work on this model and sharing! hope u fix the window bugs 😛

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Jack Borne

· Edited by Jack Borne

For current version ·


Great model, love it.

Only one thing to comment on, the windows. They seem a bit cloudy and the passengers and drivers glass have some weird little marks on them. I've also noticed that if you change the tint it tints the lightbar, unsure if that can be fixed.

Besides that, amazing model keep it up!

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