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NYPD Ford Fusion Hybrid Texture <Image Changed> 1.0.0

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Hey guys, JaiTheGamer58 here again with another re-release from my GTA5Mods.com. This texture is for the NYPD's Ford Fusion marked unit. I know this is not completely accurate but I still hope you guys enjoy it in your GTA5 experience. Like always link is below, take care guys!


Link to my GTA5Mods Page:






Hey guys I just wanted you to know I'm doing a little project to bring back the Ford Crown Victoria. If you want to help me click the link below to sign my petition from change.org.




Also I made a brochure on how the next gen Crown Vic will be made, be sure to check it out on your spare time.





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Hi there Jai,

So upon seeing this file, I had to check it out, as a New Yorker and an avid fan of the NYPD (and all New York departments of course) I noticed some major issues that should be addressed. Before I start the actual review, I would appreciate a change in the main picture of the file, although obviously I have no personal connection to the officers so I should not be offended, but it is still a bit disrespectful as it is a picture taken from the scene of the execution style murders of two NYPD officers a few years ago.


Now about the actual vehicle:

For starters, the car you made the livery for is not used by the NYPD, you made it for a brand new ford responder hybrid vehicle, when the NYPD uses 2013 gen Ford Fusions Hybrids, which are vastly different from the upfit, to the vehicle itself, so this does not fit any NYPD feel at all. Now for the livery, although I can admit it is hard to call someone out on inaccuracies when the vehicle they are making a livery for doesn't even exist in the fleet, but nonetheless I will point out some issues wrong with the livery no matter the vehicle it is for.

- There is no back or front license plate. The NYPD, on every marked vehicle uses a plate that, post-2008 has the unit number, and then the year of the car in a little number next to it. Unmarked vehicles would have New York plates, but this is marked so it should have the unit number, and then the year number of the vehicle.

-  There is no precinct, or division stated, every NYPD vehicle also is assigned to a precinct or a specific unit, so in addition to the rear unit number that you did add it would have a precinct or division.

- Your text that should be the same width, and rotation of the top line(s) are just flat, and dont turn with the body of the vehicle, or the line, and are about half the size of the line, but it should be the entire width/height of the line that it is next to.

- The "CPR" text does not line up with, either the bottom and top lines, or the NYPD text on the front door(s.)

- The "POLICE" text is larger than the "NYPD" text on the back

- For general livery issues, the lines are very very choppy and do not flow with the vehicle well (it cuts down sharply instead of slowly bending with the vehicle.)

- The sides are not symmetrical, the driver side has a choppy, cut up line on the top while the passenger side has a totally flat line.

- The quality of the lines are not good, even at full size you can see the little ridges in the line where it bent the pixels when you turned them, I would recommend, making it a 4096x4096 livery so all of the lines and designs are shown in their best quality.

- All of the text, badges, logos, etc. are VERY blurry, pixelated, and low quality in general, some of it looks like you took it from real life images or other liveries and just pasted it on yours.


In general, it was a decent attempt but no where near any design that NYPD would hypothetically use on this kind of vehicle, nor is it accurate to the Ford Fusion vehicle you were basing it off of.


I hope you can make some edits following my advice and make this livery much better.

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A for effort. I could be blind but I'm surprised comments haven't eaten you and spit you out over the lightbar. Never stop doing what you love. 

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what he said

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