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PoliceMenu V 2.4.1

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About This File



PoliceMenuV is a mod menu developed by Abel Gaming for players who seek to have quick and easy access to police items within Grand Theft Auto V. This is much like a mod menu, or trainer, strictly dedicated to police items. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them below! 


Configuration Tool

Place the configuration tool, MetroFramework.dll, and MetroFramework.Fonts.dll inside your scripts folder as well, run it, then when done editing, click save settings in the top corner. It will generate a new .INI file with your configurations! 



Open Menu - F5 (By default) 
Quick Vehicle Repair - F1 (By default) 


Install Instructions

Simply drag the scripts folder into your GTA V directory OR drag the files from inside the scripts folder into your scripts folder if you already have one! 



ScriptHook V

ScriptHook V Dot Net

Native UI

.Net Framework 4.5.2+


Important Things To Remember About Comments

Modding takes a lot of time and hard work. It doesn't matter if you're on my file or someone else, please be considerate of their hard work and their dedicated time as they probably worked very hard towards making their mod. 

What's New in Version 2.4.1


  • Added Quick Wash Hotkey
  • Added Highway Patrol Partner
  • Removed Engine On and Off
  • Customize Partner Load-Out
  • Added five more add-on vehicle slots (10 total)
  • Added FIB Agent to Models
  • Added CIA Agent to Models
  • Randomize Outfit when Selecting Model
  • Delete Partners (With some on-going bugs)
  • Re-added Animation menu
  • Added Police Stance Animation
  • Added Direct Traffic Animation
  • Can clear animation by clicking the menu option again
  • Added Giordano from LCPDFR.com to Credits

PoliceMenu V (2.4.1).zip

User Feedback

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For current version ·

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FINALLY!  We are long overdue to an LSPDFR specific plugin that does pretty much everything we need.  I messed around with it and found some issues/have some feedback for you.


- I love that all LEO peds are right there for us to quickly use.  I recommend adding in the option to customize the ped a bit, such as giving glasses, changing hat, etc.  Also, I might've overlooked it, but are the FIB/IAA peds also added?  If not, please consider that!


- Turn off vehicle is broken.  It'll turn off, but turn right back on within a few seconds.  Verified this by using my other trainer, and the engine stayed off.


- The "police tools" category is empty, so I assume this is a WIP?


-  The configurator does not give you the option to use any keys other than the F keys for opening the menu.  However, if you use the INI, you can use whatever key you want.  I recommend adding in all the key options just like you did for the other one.


- I was actually quite surprised to see loadouts!  I was just thinking today; 'I wish we still had a really good mod for quickly getting our loadout.'  This is perfect!  My wishlist for this is being able to customize the loadouts.


- If you don't edit the configurator and add a time limit for the hands up/clipboard animation, it becomes an endless loop and you can't cancel it.  I did discover switching peds via Policemenu fixed it.  I suggest adding a few more police related animations, such as cop stance, the valet torch wave, etc. 


- Partners!!  Oh how I'm happy to see this as an option.  One issue trainers had with partners is that they'd constantly get in and out of the vehicle.  I spawned in three guys, and two of them stayed in fine.  The third got in and out repeatedly if we stood still.  I assume this is related to the AI programming that they shouldn't be in the vehicle with a player.  I hope this can be ironed out more in the future.


On the topic of partners, it'd be really nice to have the ability to customize their loadouts.  As it is, LSPD spawns with shotguns, don't think I need that all the time unless I'm in Grove Street. 😛  I haven't tested them in terms of LSPDFR and how their AI is, this is something I'll get back with you on.


Unless I'm blind, there is no current way to dismiss partners.


Finally, for the add-on car section, are we able to manually add in more lines to get more slots in the INI, or is it a limited amount right now?  Either way, it's nice that you've incorporated so many into this!  Thank you.

Response from the author:

Thank you very very much for the detailed and lengthy review. Reviews like this help me to better the mod. All your comments have been taken into consideration and will be worked on! 2.3 has already been completed and is under review right now, but I will try to iron out some of the issues you went over in your review! I hope to see you back when it comes out! 


As for the police tools, in 2.3 it gives the player the ability to spawn things like road cones, barriers, and things like that! Again, thank you for your review!

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Awesome job! This menu really helps when we're on FiveReborn and we need a quick menu instead of going through the boring ol' trainer. Nice work, Abel! :smile:

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great mod i really like it but since i have upgraded to .

791 i cant get it to work what i'm i doing wrong ???

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For old version 2.2 ·

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очень хорошая и нужная модификация! Это меню станет еще более популярным.

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