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LSPD ESU 2018 F-450 1.0.0

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This is based off of an ESU Truck Design that I altered with my own twist, it is a lore-friendly based livery for the Los Santos Police Department. The livery was made for @JackTheDev's F-450 ESU Truck, I CBurke have no affiliation with the creation of the model. There will be an update in the future for the remaining lore agencies (SAHP, BCSO, FIB, DOA). If there is any issues with the livery feel free to comment and it will be updated! Constructive Criticism is also very appreciated! Feel free to leave a review! 


What's Included:

-Texture File



Link to Model:


Texture Artist:



Additional Info:

Stay tuned for more content.


Contact Info:

Feel free to message me on LSPDFR.com or on Discord @Cody 🎗#5779!


©CBurke Designs 2019

JackTheDev, CBurke

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