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Steel Reserve Towing Services Pack 1.0.0

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Steel Reserve Towing Services


Hello, LSPDFR community 

Well I heard that there was a truck sell going on, so I went down to take a look at it for myself... 

WOW this is what I found , So for sure I have to buy them. Then I thought to myself why not open a Towing Business.

F**King A I will.... 3 months into  it and I've become #1 in my businesses. Business is so good I took over all towing 

Businesses in the 7 county Paleto,Blaine, Grapeseed, Sandy, Rockford Hills, Del Perro, and of cause Los Santos..


Steel Reserve


Now hiring apply within

To get started click to the right below & download the application.

We offer the best Truck in the industrial

Top $$$ dollars to all of our drivers

Take no S**T, You are your own BOSS..

terms and conditions may apply

Bringing back old school with New school


Website to Vehicles

Large Tow Truck Model= TOWTRUCK/Depopulation Wrecker Tow Truck (LARGE): This file replace the Tow Truck.

By CamTheMan97:  

Small Tow Truck Model=TOWTRUCK2/Depopulation Wrecker Tow Truck2 (SMALL): This file replace the TowTruck2.  

( NOTE: This download comes with the vehicle file as well)

By  mohaalsmeer:  

Flatbed Truck Model=FLATBED/Depopulation FLatbed : This file replace the flatbed.  

By: Candice_211 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/cxt-flatbed

Small Pickup Model=SANDKING/SANDKING2 Depopulation SandKing : This file replace the SANDKING.

By:Candice_211 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/international-cxt-beta


1. Install is the same as always. There is a ReadMe..
2. Install where the files tell you too or just replace it like I did {ABOVE}...
3. ENJOY...

Important Notes: You must replace everything with my files or your Tow Truck may look funny....

                                                                                                                                                                                                Your Friend,


Candice, mohaalsmeer, CamTheMan97, Self

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