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Vapid Stanier Police Cruiser Federal Signal Vector [ELS] 1.2

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About This File

This is the ELS-enabled version of my Vapid Stanier Police Cruiser Federal Signal Vector. For you who always using Lt.Caine's ELS-IV mod, I'd recommend download this one.

The car is best suited for original gameplay, with no modded cars. Unfortunately, due to fact that I have added several decorations like weapons (primarily police weapons like Shotgun and M4 Carbine) and dufflebag, the model and texture size will be quite a little problem. You may experience taxi bug and popping-in textures in the GTA World. To fix this, I'd recommend TrafficLoad or TrafficControlSystem mod.

If you do not want to use this version, I'd recommend use the non-ELS equivalent of this mod, link below:

As usual, with my Copyright Protection and Disclaimer:

Model is provided locked. Bugs fixing not supported. If you want an unlocked model and want to edit by yourself, PM or mail me a message for your request and I will send you my developer files to you.
The release of this model is EXCLUSIVE TO LCPDFR.com, GTA4-MODS.com, AND agungparamtapajournal.blogspot.com for 30 days. Once the period expires, you can rehost this archive anywhere you like, but under following circumstances:

- Strictly prohibited to edit, delete and replace elements from this archive (ie. the readme, screenshots,   pictures, model)
- Strictly prohibited to convert the model to any game (or simulator) without MY consent permission - Naruto607
- Strictly prohibited to edit 3D model body and its elements

* Permitted to replace and edit textures but WITHOUT ANY PUBLICATION (ie. downloads, screenshots, videos)
* Permitted to edit carcols and handling but WITHOUT ANY PUBLICATION (ie. downloads, screenshots, videos)
* Rehosting must contain the name of original author who published this mod and credits of the developer mods used

Any violation above prohibitions may result in an accusation of copyright infringement!
This disclaimer created to avoid problems, and to save my ass in the future.
I am not responsible for the misuse of this mod for anything unlawful and immoral acts.


This mod has a bug; see the Readme file for details. Maybe I will fix this mod later.

Because this mod is created using Ekalb's Enhanced Cruiser as a basis, the mod is highly compatible with


What's New in Version 1.2


  • Fixed opaque Ultrastar domelight glass, now it's transparent as it should be like in the dev mod
  • Provided two models because of potential world bugs (see Readme)
  • Replaced extra_5 and extra_6 (that are mapped as flashing headlights) with Rigid Industries Dually D2
  • Converted siren dummies from the object itself to dummies, so it has a proper camera view when the model is being viewed in OpenIV
  • New LODs for internal rotators and proper renaming/LOD mapping of sirens
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