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How to Install LSPDFR, Rage Hook, Script Hook V


I guess you can say a video speaks a thousand words, or maybe I speak a thousand words in the video.  For an in depth Tutorial on how to Install LSPDFR, Rage Hook, Script Hook V.  I get your game working!!

You may visit my video here 


I go into detail on how to actually install a fresh version of the following:

Rage Hook Plugin
Script Hook V
Microsoft .NET Frameworks 4.6
Visual C++ 2015

This is a beginners Tutorial guys, so feel free to skip ahead on certain parts if you are not new to any of it. However, some times even veterans forget basic steps.

Hopefully this Tutorial helps people out.  I have others as well,  showing how to install Plugins.  If you would like me to post those as well I can do that.



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