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How to edit gta4 handling lines


HI i am going to show you how to edit gta4 handling lines today

go to Grand Theft Auto Iv folder Then common/Data

Then find handling.dat Rigth click and Make sure Read-Only is not check. If so uncheck Read-only Apply and ok

Now download Notepad++ if you dont have it.

After That go to the handling.dat and rigth click and Find edit with notepad++

Now it is time to change the handling line POLPAT delete every thing in that one line. NOw go

find a handling line a copy it and paste it in that line . But be sure to POLPAT extact name

When you are done go to file and save at the top of the screen

And Make sure you space the numbers out with the line above

And Rigth Click LaunchGTAIV.exe and click Run As adminsitrator

Be sure to Not to set Read-Only in notepad++

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