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Voice Activated Commands with LCPDFR Tutorial


VAC stands for Voice activated Commands, in which you can set to respond to voice, so you can actively roleplay your radio calls in game. For example: "10-4 control, en-route" could activate the "yes" option to accept a callout.

Here's the video


Download from: http://www.dwvac.com/


  • Multiple Activation Phrases to trigger an action.
  • You can assign sounds or speech to each action, a sound or phrase will play for success when the command was recognized.
  • Built in sound recorder to record your own responses when a command is recognized.
  • Each action can have any number of keyboard commands and each keyboard command can send any extended key, characters, key combinations, or mouse button click.
  • You can select actions from one profile and export them to an existing profile.

In game demo by Brandon Moore:


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