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The Hepster Project (Unlimited Car slots in Game) [UPDATED 8/18/2014]


The Hepster Project is a project I started because I wanted to add my own cars in game without replacing and current cars. Having unlimited car slots instead of having the limited number of cars GTA Lets you. In The Hepster Project rar file their is a few files letting you bypass the game. Letting you add your own cars with custom names and spawning names.

*UPDATE* The Hepster Project does work for LCPDFR (1.0C Only)

- Add car name to AdditionalCopCarModels

- Also include the car name to SuspectTransporterModels

(Thank you Nick T. for suggesting to try out LCPDFR 1.0 instead of 0.95)

What does it let me do:

- Add any number of cars to the game

- Add custom car names

- Custom spawn names

Known Bugs:

- Doesn't work for ELS.

The Hepster Project 1.5 (Coming Soon)

- Custom Sound File for the new cars

The Hepster Project tutorial


How to make the Cars randomly spawn in game and driven by AI's tutorial


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Nice Hepster ... good Job !



Thank you very much. Adding cars to randomly spawn in game was way simple than I thought It was. I will be updating this project very soon. 

As well I am still trying to figure out how to connect the added sound file to connect it to the game. 

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You should post the Hepster project in the downloads section for everyone to see. 


Yes, That is what I Originally did but LCPDFR removed the post and said it was more of a tutorial so it had to be under this section. 

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Or just use the added car feature gta has. No need to dig into code when you already have a built in added car feature..

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I have gotten the hang of this mod but is there a way to remove the cars you put into the mod with sparkiv? OpenIV always crashes my game

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