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How To: Spawn Flames In Simple Native Trainer


I recommed watching in Fullscreen HD. If you have questions or suggestions please ask it in the YouTube comments or in the comments section below.


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The flames are pretty usefull if you're making a video and you need to set a house on fire. Of course you want to adjust 'em a little bit better what I did lol

Text tutorial if somebody finds it easier to follow:

1. Open Simple Native Trainer and go to Object Spawning

2. Open Spawn Object by entering model hash or model number

3. Type in: 4079608389, a flame should spawn into front of you

4. Now you can move the flame using the Move Last Spawned Object option in Trainer

5. If you want to clone the flame hit RCTRL + A (You can do this as many times as you want to)

6. Now you're done.

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