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How To: Install ELS V7 [Video Tutorial]


Tutorial video on how to get ELS V7 to work in your Grand Theft Auto IV.

Remember to read the "ELS USER GUIDE.pdf" It will give you alot of information that you will need.

If the light's don't show up,

1. Make sure you have your Trainer keys disabled (if you are using a Trainer, SNT for example). If you don't know how to disable Trainer keys go to Options - Enable/Disable Trainer Keys

2. Make sure you have a ELS V6 or ELS V7 enabled vehicle that you are using

3. Make sure that you have read the "ELS USER GUIDE.pdf"


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if you don't have your trainer keys disabled could this cause you to crash. I've tried several time to install an i seem to crash approx after 5-10 of game play. im not 100% sure if my trainer keys are disabled but i don't know if that would cause me to crash. I really like ELS 7 an would love to use it but for some reason that i can't figure out why. i keep crashing an it really upsets me. If you need these are my Pc Specs they will be listed below. Any an all help would be lovely. Thanks




AMD FX-6100 six-core 3.3.0 GHz

8.00 GB Ram

Radeon HD 7950, 3GB dedicated graphics.

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i've installed ELS and i have an ELS enable vehicle, but it doesn't work. i have trainer keys disabled. it still using the default way as if it is a regular police car. the lights don't work. i cannot figure what im doing wrong. i have the game on my laptop but it runs slow, and ELS runs fine. i installed the game on my newer computer and installed everything exactly the same but ELS doesn't work. any idea on how i could fix this would be appreciated. thanks.

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