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How to get people to pull over when you don't have your siren on


Hello! Ever wonder how you can do a realistic Code 2 response? Well this tutorial will let you do that!!!

1) Make sure you have the latest patch of GTA IV ( and the latest LCPDFR version (.95 RC2 R2)

2) Get in GTA IV

3) Start LCPDFR and wait for a call that would make you respond code 2

4) Turn on ELS and respond, but hit Numpad "/" instead of your siren

5) Cars should pull over (Use airhorn or Manual Siren if needed!)

6) Enjoy your Code 2 response!!

Definitely works on ELS V6, most likely works on ELS V7



LCPDFR .95 RC2 R2:

Latest GTA IV patch update: http://support.rockstargames.com/entries/484496-Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-Patch-7-Title-Update-v-1-0-7-0-English-1-0-6-1-Russian-1-0-5-2-Japanese- (Choose language)

Any questions? Comment on this thread, or PM me!

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I never really knew what those different "lighting modes did"! Thanks for this! I will definitely try this out once my new motherboard arrives :/

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wait so what do the other lighting mode do? and which one does this particularly account for?


Pressing "/" is an LCPDFR feature that allows you to only use the lights (with no siren). Lighting mode one and two turns them on in an LED type flashing pattern and lighting mode three turns them on the way they normally are in GTA IV. You will not be able to use the normal GTA IV siren. In my experience, people move out of the way better with lighting mode three.

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